The 5 Biggest Promo Killers And How To Avoid Them

By Ross Goldberg |

Sep 28

There are good promos and there are bad promos. If you can avoid these 5 promo killers, your odds of success go way up.

You can’t always predict the way your audience will respond to something you promote, but if you do any of these things you can guarantee they won’t respond at all.

Bad Headlines

This one is an easy fix if you just use this post to get good ideas.

Your headline is the most important thing in any email (this would be your subject) or Bad Headlinead.

If you can grab the attention of your prospect, you should be able to get them to look closer at your ad.  If not, you’ve already failed.

Grab one of the headlines in our Ultimate Headline Swipe file and modify it to apply to your market.

Message To Market Match

Do you know who you’re targeting?  Understand their situation and the pain your product solves?

If not, stop what you’re doing and figure that out immediately.

If you think you know and your promo flops, this is one of the primary reasons that happens.

To figure out who your prospect is, look for social areas where you can take a closer look at who each member is.  Forums and Facebook groups are my favorite places to look.

Another possibility is to use Social Mention to see what people are talking about in your market on social media.

Wrong Audience

This is coming from a guy that tested list building offers to an SEO list (a HUGE mistake).

The worst thing you can do to your customers is recommend something that isn’t similar to what you sell normally.

Whether it’s a new product of yours or an affiliate promotion, if it’s not like what they bought, they’re going to be seriously annoyed that you wasted their time on something they shouldn’t expect from you.

Find parallel products to recommend to your existing audience.  If your new product is too different, create a new audience and offer them stuff they’ll want, too.

Deviation From The Plan

Do you plan out a promo before you start it?

I didn’t for many years.  I’d shoot off a series of seemingly unrelated messages trying to get people to click on the links in the emails I sent.

Sometimes it worked and many times, it didn’t.

When it failed, it wasn’t my customer’s fault.  It was mine.

Now, if I’m going to promote something, I spend a whole 15 minutes looking over the sales messaging to see how it solves the problems my people are dealing with.

I plan out how I’m going to space out the different emotional hot buttons over my promo period.

I do a simple outline for each email.

I change things up throughout the process to keep things fresh and surprise my people.

You should try doing it that way, too.

It can work to simply throw your promos out in the world, but they’ll work more often if you plan things out and follow the plan.

Thinking You’re Funny

You’re not.

We all have moments where our jokes land and everybody enjoys a good laugh.

The problem with an internet promo is that it’s usually missing pieces of the puzzle that would be necessary to make the joke funny.

If you’re typing, nobody hears the inflection you’d place on your words.  They can’t see your expressions.

I think I’m hysterical, but I’ve told bad jokes on my Facebook profile.  They don’t go over very well.

If you think you should include a little humor in your next promo, think again.

Leave it out and focus on how the offer solves the prospect’s problems instead.

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Dave Gardner a couple of years ago

OMG! (G)rapefruit! Yes making sure your headline is in order and does not come off to read another way would be a huge thing to consider. No more bad headlines!

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