Ultimate Headline Swipe File

By Ross Goldberg | TrafficForMe.com

Aug 17
Headline Swipe File

I built something very special for you today.  What you’ll see below will look like a list of headlines and that’s exactly what they are.  However, they hold a unique value to you when looking for headlines for emails, blog posts, or even sales letters.

Each of the headlines below are pulled from “viral style” blogs.  Each of these blogs do something we should all do, but most of us don’t:  They test their headlines.

Considering that their headlines will evolve with time, I’ve set the list below to automatically refresh every 15 minutes.  In other words, you’ll want to bookmark and save this page.  It will be updated every quarter hour.

Use the headlines below as your ultimate headline swipe file.  If you need ideas for a great headline, you’ll find it pretty easy to edit one of the ones below to apply to your content.

Edit:  Some of the titles may have curse words or be otherwise NSFW.  We have no control over that.



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Simon a couple of years ago

Ross. I have to say this is pure genius on all levels and will leave it at that!

I have to think of too many titles sometimes.. especially doing engagment marketing with multiple personas this will seriously help!


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