The Ultimate Done-For-You Swipe File

By Ross Goldberg |

Aug 14
Ultimate Swipe File

In a previous post, I talked about building a swipe file.  I’m confident that I gave you more than enough of the “how to” type stuff to begin building a set of swipes that will help you create better converting copy.

Over the last weekend, I decided to see if I could help you speed up the process.  This post is filled with websites that have already pulled together a bunch of the best ads and sales letters for you.

I figured this would speed things up for you, so here you go:


They say that their site is a place for marketers and advertisers to discuss and dissect great marketing.  I say it’s a treasure trove of successful campaigns.

Not everything on the site will apply to you, but that’s generally how you’ll find the best stuff.  Take something done in a different market and adjust it to work in yours.

Award winners

Advertising awards are handed out every year.  If they got an award, they probably did something right…

The Clio awards and the ADDY awards are good places to look.

Squarespace Facebook Ads

This brief PDF file shows you exactly what ads they used and explain in clear language why they worked.


This blog post

This one isn’t just a swipe file.  It’s also a sales letter designed to sell you on creating better head lines.  If you want to create more persuasive posts, pay attention to the layout of the page.

The list of email headlines along with their open rate doesn’t hurt either.

Google Trends

While Google’s list of trends may give you some ideas, what you want to look for are trend chasers.  A “trend chaser” is someone that tries to steal traffic by using current trends in blog posts or as pages on their websites.

Look through trends and type them into Google.  Then, limit your search (via their tools) to the last 24 hours.  These people will be used to creating great headlines based around things that are really popular.  Swipe what you like from them.

Native Ad Headline Swipe

Native Ads are a unique beast, but they need quality headlines just like any other type of advertising.  This swipe is filled with some great “fill-in-the-blank” headlines for you to use.


This Email Swipe Pinterest board

Pinterest is a bit weird in general, but you can find some amazing content if you know how to look.  This specific board has hundreds of swiped emails you can use to improve your own.


Bencivenga Bullets & The Halbert Letter

Some of the greatest marketers to ever live have posted some of their legacy content online.  These 2 are my favorites.  Read what they say, but most importantly, model what they did.

Once you get your copy in place, you know that TrafficForMe will be here with the traffic you need to start testing it all out.


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Chuck a couple of years ago

I am blown away with the value you have supplied just on this page. I haven’t had time to go to each of the places mentioned above. I’m only imagine the treasure trove that lies ahead. Thanks – Chuck.. Colorado..

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