3 Ways To Increase Conversion By Selling The Next Step

By Ross Goldberg | TrafficForMe.com

Jun 29
Sell The Next Step

Selling is a process.  There are multiple steps and there can be as many as you need to sell your products.  However, there are at least 3 steps in every process you put a prospect through to become a customer.

While the steps aren’t complicated, it may be difficult to understand exactly how to “sell the next step”, so we’re going to go as deep as possible into each one.  At TrafficForMe, it’s important to us that you can take the traffic you order and transform it into revenue.

While this selling the next step isn’t the only way to generate sales, it’s a way that you should test because it works.

Sell The ClickClick

One of the biggest mistakes I see marketers make is to try and sell the product at the beginning of a conversation with a prospect.

The honest truth is that you don’t need to sell the product that soon.  In fact, you don’t need to mention the product at all.

You have to convince the prospect that it’s worth their time to take a closer look.

You need to get them to decide to click the link to see what you’re talking about.

The easiest way to get someone to click a link is to promise to solve a promise they’re facing.

Let’s look at a few examples:

Click Here To Discover 3 Easy Steps To Stop Bladder Leakage

See Exactly How To Make The Switch To Cloth Diapers Today

Find Out How To Help Your Kid With ADHD Focus In 15 Minutes

To sell the click, you have to make a promise.  The promise should be framed in a way that creates curiosity and helps your prospect solve a real problem they know they’re facing.

When selling the click, you could be trying to get someone to open an email, click on an ad, or click a link.  In fact, you may have to do it more than once.  

If you’re sending an email, you need the prospect to open the email, read it, then click the link in the email.  In this case, you’d have to sell the click twice.  You’ll also have to:

Sell The Benefits


After you sell the click, you have to continue and sell the next step.  In this case, you want to present them with the benefits of either clicking the next link or of the final product.

You have to sell them on continuing through the process you’ve built.  This is done by fulfilling the promise you made when selling the click.  

Let’s continue with an email using one of the examples from above:

Find Out How To Help Your Kid With ADHD Focus Issues In 3 Minutes

Having a kid with ADHD, I’ve had to learn tricks to help him focus.  

One of the things I discovered was a total fluke,

But it works really well for my son.

I’ve found that giving him 2 or 3 extra input signals

Will help him get things done far faster.

If he’s working on homework, I turn on the TV and

Have him listen to his iPod through headphones.

While this works, a friend of mine discovered a far bigger secret that works even better.

Click here to see it for yourself.  [LINK]

You’re not going to believe how easy it can be to

Help your ADHD kid get more done.

To your success,


I’ve written this the way I’d write an email to my list, but this can be done on Facebook, a blog post, in a forum, or any other place where you’re trying to gain attention from your prospects and get them to the point of purchase.

Finally, Sell The Product

Selling a product is not usually based upon the features of the product.  It’s based upon the benefits the product provides with its features.  Make sense?

There are dozens upon dozens of “sales copy formulas” and they can all work, but what I want to do is present a formula that’s easy to understand and implement:

  1. Make a gigantic promise to solve an ugly problem.
  2. Tell a story that exposes the absolute worst aspects of the problem.
  3. At the close of the story, reveal the discover of the ultimate solution.
  4. Show testimonials and prove raving about how well the product solves the problem.
  5. Create an “unbelievable” offer for the product.
  6. Add in a guarantee that makes the prospect comfortable.
  7. Close by throwing in a bonus or something special that adds additional value.
  8. Throw in a little “fear of loss” into any post script you add.

Closing the deal becomes easier if you understand customer objections and address them throughout your sales process.  Address objections as often as possible.

That’s about as simple as I can make it.

Connecting Everything To Boost Sales

Creating a sales process this way should lure prospects in and convert more of them into sales.

With anything related to sales online, you have to test, test, and test some more.

In closing, here are some final thoughts about selling the next step:

  • When selling the next step, work backwards and connect everything together.
  • Start with the headline in the sales copy of the product.  You don’t want to make that same promise anywhere else in the process you build.
  • Every time you make a promise, make sure you keep it.  The fastest way to lose the sale is to mislead your prospects.  If you promise a solution, provide it.
  • The solutions in the beginning of your process should not be as strong as the ones closer to the sale.  Start small and build.

When you’re ready to start testing a new process, TrafficForMe is here for you with the traffic you need.  Discover why we’re the smarter choice here.


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Excellent article Ross!

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Thanks for sharing.

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I shared this awesome post to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. And kept it for my records too. Sales copy is something you never get enough of…

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