How To Easily Boost Sales Over The Holiday Season

By Ross Goldberg |

Dec 14
Holiday Sales

Common sense and loud people will tell you that the holidays is the worst season for any business where their products don’t classify as gifts.

Both common sense and loud people are completely wrong.

My training and software businesses have almost always made more money in December than any other month of the year.  Normally, it’s double or triple the normal amount of sales of other months.

There is a simple reason for it and some things you can apply right now to get a boost in sales before the end of 2017.

I created offers that were good enough to break through the noise and sell.

I recognize that you may not be in control of your offers, so I’m going to do what I can to ensure you have some tricks you can use right away to increase your sales, even if you can’t control things like sales or price points.

Throw Them A Bonus.

Whether the products for sale are yours or not, to generate sales over the holidays, you have to deliver an incredible offer.

The easiest way is to discount one of your primary products.

Add in some unique, special, and helpful bonuses and you’re good to go.

What if you can’t adjust pricing?

Deliver better bonuses!

This is the order of value for bonuses:

1 to 1 help


Group coaching


Extra products (2 for 1, Buy one get one, etc…)

If you can’t control the offer, add enough to it to get someone to buy.  Odds are that there are plenty of people on your list that want what you’re selling.  This will be enough to get many of them to buy.

Run A Sale

Pricing always matters, but the holidays are the perfect excuse to drop your prices to seal the deal.

There is a percentage of your audience that has decided that they like what you’re selling, but just don’t want to pay your asking price.

Take the holidays that make sense and use them to get those people to buy.

Come up with a good reason and make them a special offer.  Always explain your reason.

Team Up With A Buddy

Depending on the size of your audience and the audience of your friend, this could be a 5 figure payday.

The key to this working is to either have something new or combine talents with your friend.

The best way to deliver something like this is via webinar.  Create a 4 – 8 week course and sell it for less than you should.

Throw in a bonus or two each and you’ve got a solid offer.

Make the offer and get the sales.

If you need a little extra traffic for your special offers, you know where to get it.


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