6 Alternative Messaging Strategies For You To Use

By Ross Goldberg | TrafficForMe.com

Dec 07
Alternative Messaging

They used to say that a prospect needs to see an offer 7 times before they make a purchase.  I’ve read recently that the number has gone up to 12.

How many ways are you interacting with your audience?

The more ways you’ve got, the higher the odds of them buying.

Here are 6 ways to add an extra layer of communication between you and your people.


Important Warning:  The primary problem with any of these is that you don’t own them.  Facebook™ does.  You can lose anything tied to Facebook™ with zero warning or notice, so make sure you have alternative methods of reaching anyone attached to Facebook™ based assets.

Messenger Bots/Autoresponder

This is the next big thing.  Software has come out recently that allow you to build a list inside of Facebook™ Messenger.  The deliverability is nearly 100% and the open rate is nuts.  It’s normally over 90%.  Whether you get a response will be based upon your message, your product, and your relationship with your prospect.

Having one built for you is expensive and learning to build them yourself is time consuming.  Either way, it’s worth the trouble if you can get people to sign up for it.

Facebook Live:

Depending on where your prospects are, you can go live from a personal account, page or group.  The reason doing Facebook Lives are important is that Facebook recently decreased the reach of personal accounts and Facebook Lives are given an extra push for viewers.  In other words, more people will see your post if you do it in the format of a Facebook Live.

It’s as easy as positioning your phone or computer in a way that has you well lit and hitting “go”.


Creating a group around an idea that your audience would be interested in creates an opportunity for you to privately interact with all of your members.  Discuss big issues and talk about problems they face.  Specifically, use it as an opportunity to talk about issues your product solve and you can’t lose.


Organic reach of pages on Facebook™ has decreased dramatically over the years, but it’s still worth it to invest a little energy to create an active page.  The primary benefit is that Facebook™ makes it super easy to advertise to those that like your page.

While you only reach a small percentage of your followers when you post, the more active your page is, the more likes and prospects you’ll attract.

Push Messaging:

How many times have you been asked if you would allow “notifications” when you visit a new website?  Push notifications are simply another way to reach out to your audience.  It’s done through a web browser as a tiny pop up window any time you want to send one out.

Use it to send out content as well as any promos you run.  Extra clicks will always mean more money.


Most people don’t like giving out their cell phone number, but some will if they’re very interested in what you’re doing.  Add it as an optional third section in addition to “email” and “name” on your landing pages (make sure you mark it as optional or it will cost you a lot of leads).

Make sure you send out content along with any offers you want to send.

Building These Alternative Messaging Groups

So, how do you get people added to these other groups?  Ask them to join and give them a reason to do it.  Post a giveaway as the first thing they get for signing up to this extra list.  The easiest way is to suggest any new ways you setup to join via your email list.  Get them into as many additional messaging systems as you can.

When you want to build your list fast, we have the traffic you need for it.



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Dave Gardner 5 years ago

Having multiple ways to communicate with your audience is crucial so that you can be seen all over the place. The more you show up or more places they can contact you, the better. I hate going to a website and it’s like a scavenger hunt to find contact information or a way to communicate with someone.

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