2 Drastic But Simple Steps You Can Take To Guarantee A Better Year

By Ross Goldberg | TrafficForMe.com

Jan 04

Every new year, we take a look at our previous year with the unsatisfied tone of a grumpy old man.  Frustration over what we could have achieved is a standard with nearly all entrepreneurs.

Then, we site down and write down things that we can do to improve our results for the coming year.  Some of those things will stick, but normally we end up going back to our old habits.

If you’re ready to get off the hamster wheel of craziness we fall into, the things listed in this post can help you make changes more permanent.


SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedures.  What you want to build here is the operating manual for your business.  It works similar to an operating manual for software or a computer.  The idea is to document all of the process you use in your business every day with the goal of making it easy to follow and perform any of the processes you add.

Building it is simple.  Pick a quiet day during work and write down exactly what you do.  Every step.  Make it as detailed as you can.  Design it to be easy for someone that has no idea how to do what you do to pick up and start working.

Organize each process in order of priority.

Add things like standard customer service replies and email templates for common customer interactions.

Put together some idea generators and research data.  Add it to the SOP.

Add every imaginable thing that makes doing what you do easier.

This is helpful for you because you get to organize the stuff you do repeatedly.  If it’s organized, it’s just “rinse, wash, repeat” over and over again.

The major benefit is that you can hand this to an employee down the line and they should be able to replicate whatever results you would have been able to produce.

Work Smarter

I’m not sure if your experience is similar, but my social media accounts are filled with the “hustle and grind” type.  They’re bragging about things like not sleeping or eating, spending extended periods of time away from their families, and the silly amount of things they’re able to accomplish.

I don’t know about you, but I have no intention of ignoring my family or going without sleep.  However, I do have to get work done.

Instead of working 24 hours a day, I had to learn how to maximize my work time and get more done.  When I did it, I reduced the amount of stress I’m under and still got every important task completed.

Here are the things I changed to be able to work less:

  1. Shut down anything that could interrupt what you’re working on.  Throw your phone on silent and close browser tabs with any social media.
  2. Stop over-analyzing everything.  Never edit until your work is finished.
  3. Organize work tasks by priority.  Do the most important things first.  If you don’t know what the most important thing is, organize them by their ability to produce money quickly.
  4. Follow your SOP and ensure you follow every step.  This prevents the need to come back and fix something later.
  5. Except when it’s unavoidable, work on one project until it’s done.  You may be awesome at multitasking, but you’re not getting as much done as you should.
  6. Focus on your products.  It seems to be a standard in the internet marketing and business opportunity spaces to launch and dump a product.  It’s the silliest thing ever.  If you can sell a product using affiliates, you can sell it to other traffic, too.
  7. Reward yourself, but don’t be crazy about it.  Getting a task completed is something you should reward yourself for.  However, that doesn’t mean you should take the rest of the day off.  Get back to work!
  8. Walk away when you get stuck.  If you can’t seem to get any work done, take a break.  Go for a walk.  Listen to some music.  Find a guided meditation on YouTube.  Do whatever works for you, but the break may be enough to get past your barrier.
  9. Move.  I’ve found that a 15 minute workout (I haven’t worked out in years – until recently) helps me focus and puts me in a place where everything work related is easier.
  10. Network.  Find others that do what you do and talk to them about problems you face.  If you don’t know how to get past it, they might.

These 2 simple things will change your future.  Give them a shot and watch as your results improve.


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