Socially Viable Offers

By Ross Goldberg |

Jul 17

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Hey there. In this video, we are going to deconstruct a socially viable offer because I just made one that did about $3,000 in sales. A little less than that, to be perfectly honest, but. I don’t know where no emails whatsoever just posted to social media and the offer absolutely took off. So considering we now have Facebook traffic, you can buy from traffic. For me, you’ll find a link to do that in the blog post, under the transcript of this video. So let’s dive right in. 

If you were watching this on my YouTube channel, you will want to go to the traffic for me blog, you can find a link to it in the description. So. 

I’m going to read this, and then I’m going to talk to you about why the copy worked. Then I will talk to you about why the offer worked, and then we will talk about how I handled it. In case you should have a similar offer yourself. So. Forgive the positioning of my webcam brand new computer. And I don’t have the. 

Tripod for it yet. So it’s just sitting on [00:01:00] my desk. I’m looking right at you while we are looking at the recording of my screen. So. 

When I stopped teaching SEO, I vowed to never think about it again yet. I kept ranking really well and getting free traffic from Google. blog post I just pick up a few weeks ago, ranks on page one for AI, for biz up out of 10 million results. As you can imagine, that’s a competitive term right now. 

My research takes five minutes or less. My on-page stuff takes less than that. My attention getting processed was also under five minutes. I didn’t even do the stuff that would drive strong links to the page. This is what it looks like to make SEO easy, no scientific degree required. I’ve decided to share my accidental SEO formulas. It is possible to get organic traffic without losing yourself to code link building and shady tricks. This is the first in a series of new training I’ll be doing, and I’ll be putting the launch prices at 10 to 20% of what I should. 

Why. I’ve always done it. That way for the first run of any training, I dream up. This one is a hundred bucks, should be over a thousand. [00:02:00] I’ll have the full offer written up shortly, but if you already know you want in drop me a message, I’ll give you a special bonus. So. What did I do with this? So, number one, I told the story. It was engaging. I used wording that. 

Kept people paying attention. Then. I talked about him notoriously difficult process. When it comes to online marketing, SEO is tough. And I offered to simplify it drastically. In doing so. The hands just went up like crazy. You can see, I have 120 comments. Three people shared it. And a 50 plus people liked the post. There are a ton of comments and most of it was people asking for the information because I didn’t just give it to them. That was part of the process, getting people to interact with this. I can Uh, Insights on it. I did run a small ad for, I think, 25 bucks just because. Eight engagements for 25 bucks. Really? Isn’t that much. I keep looking up thinking Maya. [00:03:00] Webcam is up there. So. 2200 impressions. Post reach was 1746. Engagement was almost 25%. And that’s massive. Absolutely huge. So this is garbage. 

For, I think I spent $30 just to see if it would help. Considering there were, I believe 27 sales at a hundred dollars each. I’ll take it. So one of the things that I did to keep this rolling was if there had been no activity in a while I posted an update in the thread, Once I had the copy. 

Which really was just an eight minute video with a transcript of the video underneath it. I started posting that in the comments as well for the people that were smart enough to look at my replies, to other comments and click the link there I had. 50 plus people messaged me privately for the link, which of course I gave them and gave them what information I could. 

This took off way more than I expected. I figured I’d get five to 10 [00:04:00] people and be very happy for my first training back in the game in many years. And this thing took off Old friends that I normally would’ve given my program too, but I realized not long ago with the help of my lovely wife, that my friend should be buying my stuff. Just like I would, there is, I would never ask for a discount. 


Now what is a socially viable offer? Let’s break that down. This is a drastic discount. Yes, it’s the first time releasing it, but that drastic discount is a really, really big deal. You must be able to take 50 to 75% off of the price of an offer like this to make it socially viable. If you don’t have that control, then you must stack on bonuses to make the offer superior, to increase the value of the offer. 

So you can make it socially viable. This offer was so good that people were sharing it. People were happily commenting and interacting. If the offer is not good. You might as well be standing in a forest by yourself talking about it. No, one’s going to [00:05:00] comment. No, one’s going to like, and it’s not going to be seen by the people who need it most. 

So to ensure that people see it, you have to tell a great story. You have to make a killer offer, offering something that is causing people pain today and offering to solve it. The last time I had an offer that was this successful. It was an affiliate promotion for a contest software that was 75% off. It was like a $40 price tag on a $200 software. 

So it went viral like this. I made thousands of dollars because I was helping people and telling them about the offer. By telling them to go buy something. They saw value in that because the discount was so large and the product was so good. My reputation makes all the difference here, which is another reason to build up your audience on social media. 

So. Viable offer is massively discounted. Valuable. And solves a present pain or problem for the people that are hearing about it. And. It should be something at least slightly unique [00:06:00] or special. If it’s uniquely valuable, that works. So. Last, but not least. How did I keep this going? This is really simple. So what happened was whenever someone commented. 

I replied. That tells the algorithm that you are. Talking. With the people that are interacting with your post, that then boosts the visibility of the post. Then when it little while. Date to bring it was timelines. I’m on Facebook, a professional profile poster treatment. I can get organically. Best thing I can do is, but then Facebook sees me and help me get. So those comments. Comments, and it would keep this post has been since it’s been almost a week. And by best post defender revenue, about 2,700. I’m thrilled with this. 


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