How To Sell After Alex Hormozi Gave It All Away.

By Ross Goldberg |

Aug 21
Alex Hormozi Gave It All Away
On 8/19/2023 Alex Hormozi did a live stream where he gave away his big training program.  We’re talking a full training program that could sell for $2,000 – $5,000.
It was genius and is going to create a legion of goofballs that think they have to do the same.
Don’t be a goofball, because there is a much better way.
Over the rest of this post, I’m going to help you unlock the recipe to your future ability to sell.
The exact path to selling more of your offer.
The formula in a world where the Hormozi’s give it all away and AI is about to be smarter than most of us.
Step 1:  Dial in the people you are serving.

Even if you’ve got something that applies to everyone (you don’t), it’s imperative that you talk to specific people.  

This makes it very easy to make them see that you have a solution to a present problem.  It gives you an unfair advantage.
You can do this over and over again, but first do it right for one specific person.  
Step 2:  Give away the solution to a problem.
While it was wonderful to see the crying masses when Alex gave away his high end course, I’d be shocked if 1 in 1,000 went through it all.  I’d be shocked if 1 in 10,000 went through it.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!
Your solution needs to be brief and to the point.  People will appreciate it with how little available time they have.
The easier it is to consume your solution, the better.
Step 3:  Sell consumption of your solution.
Do everything in your power to make it impossible NOT to consume your solution.
A few days after they sign up, send a 2 page PDF cheat sheet. 
Next, send an email with all of it broken down in the simplest possible language.
Sell the consumption because without it, the next step is way harder.
Step 4:  Sell the solution to the problem your solution made.
How this looks will vary based upon the problem your freebie solved, but the idea is to sell the next step.
Every time we solve a problem, we create new ones.
If we sell the solution to the next problem, the odds of getting the sale go way up.
If you don’t see what I’m talking about, try stepping one step back from any of your front end offers.
It could be a book, it could be a training program.  It could be a journal for first time Moms.  It could be a new business opportunity.
Let’s say you teach a hack to get emails delivered to the primary inbox of anyone with a gmail address.
What does that person need next?
They need emails.  Templates, formulas, and fill-in-the-blank software would be perfect here.
Then, they’re going to need the same for their sales systems.  Give copywriting formulas as a back end.
Make sense?
Let the freebie solution create the need for the stuff they have to pay for.  If you do this right, you’ll sell way more stuff.

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Craig S Pappas 3 weeks ago

OH boy this is too hilarious! It is my 1st day of advertising. I joined TrafficForMe and Udimi as instructed by the program I am in. The Super Affiliate System by John Crestani. I ordered 2 books from Amazon last week and the second book I just started last night just happens to be $100M Leads by Alex Hormozi. I just wanted to share this lol. What a coincidence…

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