5 Things To Add To Your List Building Formula

By Ross Goldberg | TrafficForMe.com

Jul 04
List Building


When we’re playing the Biz Opp game, it’s really easy to fall into a cycle of endless hype and pitching.  How’s that working if that’s what you do?  

Generally, people want value.  There are a bunch of ways to give value, including pitching.  Here are some ways to increase the value in your email follow-up:

  1.  Stories – It’s a simple truth that we’re all on love with stories.  Whether you make them up or they’re from your life, tell more stories.  It increases engagement and improves the experience of your subscribers.
  2. Help – Whatever you’re selling, you should be helping your list get better at the things you want them to buy.  In Biz Opp or MLM specifically, help them get wins that lead them to needing more of your products.  If you sold weight loss supplements, give away exercise routines.  If you sell marketing stuff, help them with conversion boosts.  Get it?
  3. Entertain – Make them laugh.  Make them smile.  Why?  This makes them like you.  If they like you, the odds of them buying stuff, go way up.
Nobody has to stay subscribed to your list.  If you want to keep them, bring valuable things into their inbox.  The more they look forward to your emails, the more they’ll open them.  When your subscribers open your emails, you reach more of your subscribers.  With list building, engagement is the difference between making 5 figures and 6 figures +.


Why don’t you hear about this more?  We’re weird and care about. people?  We understand that the more you succeed, the more you buy our traffic?

This works like magic.  If you give them something free, reinforce their consumption of that free thing.  Send an email or two highlighting pieces of the PDF or video.  Send another with a testimonial from a reader.  Send a third that talks about what they’ll be able to do once they do the thing you teach them.

This applies even more to your paid products.  Send them guides on how to apply their new info or use their new product.  Recipes, Frameworks, Templates, Infographics, and any other type of helpful content will have them felling like you really care.  This is the easiest way to stand out in the age of AI and automation.

This does a bunch of good things, but most importantly it creates a feeling of reciprocity with your reader.  They’ll feel like they owe you and want to make you happy.  Buying. your stuff is the standard way they’ll try to help you out for helping them.


The more you connect with your audience, the easier it is to reach them.

You should consider suggesting they join you on the sites where you have active social profiles.  Every location where they can hear what you’ve gotta say increases the odds they do whatever you want them to do.  If you share personal info, it will increase the bond you build with them, too.

One of the easiest ways to connect with your list is to do live video and answer their questions. This shows them that you know what you’re doing.  If they trust you, they’re more likely to buy from you.

Ask them to reply to your emails.  It increases deliverability and makes them love you.  When you get an email from a subscriber that is positive (you should have gotten ugly ones by now, don’t reply), reply and talk to them.  This encourages them to reply more often.


I’m not talking about the value we discussed above.  I’m talking about Content Marketing.

This is different from what you do when you buy traffic.  Buying traffic is wonderful because you control how much you get by how much you spend.  That control is valuable in any business.

What content does is it provides you traffic at little or no cost.  You invest time and it gets you traffic.  This traffic continues for as long as your content is discoverable.  Basically forever.

To find the content you should be building, do basic Google searches for what your offers do.  Find what content is ranking.  Look through the first 2 or 3 pages.  When you find topics that repeat (at least once), copy them down.  Next, arrange all of those topics an a way that makes sense.  Finally, reproduce the content you found and add your own perspective to it.  You must rewrite every word (rewriting is research, copying and pasting is plagiarism).  

Do this for any major topics you find.  Where you put this content can vary greatly, but you’ll want to follow this simple order to reach as much of your prospects as possible:

  1.  Your websites
  2. Platforms you have a following on.
  3. New platforms your people are using.
  4. Friends that have access to your audience (with their permission).
  5. Websites that rank well in Google.


Leverage is something we should all be searching for.  The greatest leverage we could find is to connect with others that already have an audience made up of people that need what we’ve got.

The fastest growth for your list lies in these people.

Search Google, FB, and any other social sites you often use to find people who could help you.  Spend a few minutes reviewing their social profiles.  See what they’re interested in.  You want at least 2 or 3 ideas of what they’re into.

While it’s Ok to have ambition and choose a few big name people, you want to mostly find people a level or two ahead of where you’re at right now.  This is because you have things of value for those people, where the big names will be harder to please.

You may be able to connect with these people in direct messages or via email, but the guaranteed way to get to them is to find something that connects to what they like and send it to them.  If they’re resistant to giving you their address, instead buy them a gift card for the item you wanted to send and send them the gift card instead.

This will give you a window to get to know them better.  Instead of pitching them on helping you, attempt to get to know them better.  Friends will help you any time you ask.  If they don’t know you, it’s unlikely they’ll be willing to do much for you.  

Once you’re friends, you can discuss doing joint offers, promoting each other (with affiliate tracking or without), and finding ways to connect your audiences and grow your businesses through cooperation.  


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